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Where did the blog posts go?

Posted on Feb 3 by

Well here I was, having the most incredible 2016, and I didn’t share it with you at all!  I was happily clicking away, and spent my energy delivering photos to clients and not to the website. Now, it’s Feb 2017, and I am going back in time.  Going to 2016, and sharing the goodies that came out of that phenomenal year.  I’ll get them out for you to enjoy, just in time for this year’s busy season to be underway. Please check back regularly, and you’ll see all kinds of shoots that will put a big smile on your...


The Archivist : Your life in photos, for a year

Posted on May 12 by

Introducing, by far my most exciting photography offering, The Archivist Program.  Four shoots over one year — and you don’t have to do a thing except be yourselves! Memories don’t happen once a year. This package is designed as the best way to document your real life over the course of a year. The repeated sessions capture your family’s growth, so you can have it all beautifully archived. Example sessions might include : • Saturday morning breakfast • The routine with your newborn • A day at the cottage • Seder dinner • Ballet class • Teeth brushing, tuck ins and stories at bedtime • Rise and shine, getting ready for school • Sprinklers • Snow angels and snow men • Swim lessons • Fall afternoons walking the dog • Homework time • Any day… like, Wednesday! Wanna see examples? Here is Etta, photographed from pregnancy to one year old. And here is Kye, photographed at three years old, and completed at four with a new baby brother! I make this easy for you. Four photo shoots, files for...


How about a photo shoot at the cottage?

Posted on Mar 26 by

And how about it!!  Honestly, this is the best idea. We cherish our summers so much, and no matter how much we try to drink it in, they can be fleeting. Have me up for a day, and I’ll capture your wonderful family together at this time, in your most beloved space.  I just document you doing your thing — swimming, BBQing, hanging out on the dock, reading.  All you have to do is be you, and the magic creates itself. Here are three new posts to see examples of what you might expect… Muskoka Haliburton Creemore I honestly believe that of all the locations for family shoots, the cottage is where it’s at.  If you love it up there as much as I do, let’s...


The Photographer’s Art of Selling

Posted on Mar 18 by

Are you a wedding photographer who is just not landing the jobs that you expect to?  Are you getting to the place where clients come to meet you and then you lose the job?  Why? What’s going on there? More importantly, what can you do differently? Join me, and find out how to turn that ship around… On April 17 I am going to be delivering an interactive workshop on The Photographer’s Art of Selling, as part of the Wedding Co. workshop event. This is a Wedding Industry exclusive event that will be from 12pm -3pm at the Camera Bar at the Stephan Bulger Gallery on Queen West. Click here to Book your Spot! Here’s what you can expect to learn : How to connect genuinely with your potential clients immediately How to talk about your work so that it stands out for them How to handle questions about whether you are “negotiable” How to position yourself outside of the competition How to lead them to purchase the package you want them to buy What you are really selling… Tips and techniques...


And the winner is…

Posted on Feb 22 by

I am extremely happy to announce that everyone who was nominated is the WINNER of the FREE PHOTO SHOOT! (Review : I invited for people to nominate someone they think would enjoy a family photo shoot, and just don’t have the means or resources to pay for one at this time.) Many nominations came in, most of which were for families struggling with poverty or having to allocate their resources to more pressing issues like health conditions. Very compelling and heart warming nominations.  You tell me how I could possibly choose one family over another! I refuse! So instead of doing so, I put a call out to my local photography community (Thank You, Facebook!), and these generous and talented people offered to do a family shot of the nominations for free. What does that mean? It means that everyone who was nominated will win a free shoot!! Isn’t that incredible? I was extremely touched by the generosity of this photo community, and am even more excited about this initiative now that others are on board. I’m in the midst of gathering names...


The Wedding Co. bridal show on Feb. 21

Posted on Feb 16 by

I have to say, I was incredibly proud to be brought on as the photographer to take promotional images for The Wedding Co. bridal show that is coming up at the Wychwood Barns this Sunday, Feb. 21. If you aren’t aware of this show, you should be!  It’s the best bridal event (the only one worth going to!) in this city. As an engaged couple, you’ll leave feeling inspired, excited and happy.  It is all about genuine beauty and wonderful ideas. Go!   Here are some of the ways my images were used, below.  I’m so delighted. Look at the magic team I got to work with : Hair : Nicole Graftner/Hair by Nicole Location : The Wychwood Barns Model : Kristina Ruddick / Kirstina Ruddick Accessories/Styling : Antonia Akai-Casuccio/ The Loved One Flowers : Fiona/Stemz Vision — of course! : Catherine Lash/The Wedding...