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In the news : In the newspaper!

Posted on Dec 15 by

You know, you all share so much of yourselves so generously with me when we work together, it’s only fair that I do the same!  So I am blogging to share with you that I was...


Introducing : A Day In Your Life Sessions

Posted on Dec 8 by

You know when you take a mental snapshot, wishing it was being captured by a hidden camera? Or that you could freeze time forever? Those are the moments I am coming to your house...


20 days til Christmas!

Posted on Dec 5 by

And suddenly, the Holiday season is upon us!!  (Wasn’t it just Hallowe’en???!) If you aren’t sure what to get your most beloved, don’t worry, it’s...


Travel : OMG Omo

Posted on Sep 5 by

Dear dear blog visitors, From Sept 6-23, I will be in the Omo Valley of Ethiopia, helping to lead a travel photography course for Epic Photo Tours.  I wish I could say that I...


My View : Your View

Posted on Aug 12 by

Goodness.  I’m not sure exactly why I am exposing myself in this way, but apparently I am.  I’m letting humour take the high road here, at my expense. I love working...