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In Print: SHE magazine, issue 5

Posted on Jun 21 by

I love repeat clients.  I especially love repeat clients that are making a real difference in the world, and I get to be a part of that (by proxy).  For that reason, I am honoured every time I am hired to photograph the feature shoot for the The Canadian Women’s Foundation‘s SHE magazine.  I’ve just completed the photos for Issue 6, coming out in the Winter.  (See past issues, here). Most recently, the Spring Issue 5 publication came out.  We sure had fun doing this shoot!!!  Elizabeth Correira, the amazing woman featured in this issue, managed to change her life around in the most inspiring way.  She now public speaks about her story, and helps other women to take hold of their lives like she did.  She’s truly incredible, I recommend you read her story. As you can likely see, she’s vivacious and full of energy.  We had a blast taking these photos.  Here are some out takes, below....


Thinking about your “first look”.

Posted on May 29 by

Stephanie and Ronan did a lot of things right when making decisions for their destination wedding in Curacao.  They picked a beautiful location, a great time of year, and a wonderful hotel.  But the decision that I think they made the best, was taking the risk and taking the chance to have an EPIC location for their “first look”.  Most people play it safe, and choose the easiest location.  Almost everyone chooses a location on the resort property.  There is nothing wrong with that.  What I like about what Stephanie + Ronan did, was that they put some thought into how they could best use the fact that they were having a destination wedding in a beautiful country.  For them, that best use meant having their reveal at the National Park. Not only did it mean we got insanely dramatic and gorgeous photos with the waves crashing in, it also meant they had such a memorable experience for their photos — it was so beautiful, so windy, and with such dramatic landscape, none of us will ever forget it. What it...


Online : Mark Evans Consulting

Posted on Apr 30 by

I am always pleased when I see my photos come to life online.  This website of Mark Evans Consulting just launched this week, and I am just tickled pink by how the amazing Laura Wills made these portraits work so beautifully with the site. (She’s the same designer that did my site, BTW.  So, full disclosure, I am not surprised that I love it so!)  Click here to get engrossed in the whole site. He’s a pro around social media + storytelling — get ready to be engaged. Congratulations Mark on your amazing consulting practice.  I’m delighted to have been a part of this project! ....


Looking for a great wedding venue in Toronto?

Posted on Mar 30 by

Try the Thompson Hotel.  I have to say, I was incredibly impressed and delighted to shoot there for Susan + Matt’s wedding. For photos, we had access to the stylish bar area, the gorgeous French Cafe Colette, the side parkette and the glass rooftop with the tremendous view.  This kind of access to all the the cool areas of a hotel in Toronto is unheard of. As a photographer, I was delighted.  And on behalf of my clients, I was grateful. We not only enjoyed the wedding itself being there, but also the experience of spending the day there. Have a visit to their blog post to see more of what we created.  It was an incredible day — in an incredible place. I’m a...


Travel : Remembering a special Mexico wedding

Posted on Feb 25 by

As I head off to Curacao for a destination wedding next week, I am remebering Garry + Ratsamy’s amazing Mexico wedding last May.  Check out the blog post I made about it HERE, and see all the fun ways they made their union so unique. Looking forward to seeing what fun memories...


Travel : Giving Back

Posted on Feb 12 by

In had the great pleasure of going to Ethiopia as a Co-Photography Leader with Epic Photo Tours. We went to take a group of Photography Enthusiasts to photograph the tribes living in the Southern Omo Valley. We had a wonderful time. However, it just didn’t feel right to me to be there, take photos and leave, when we were witnessing so much poverty and hardship.  So, with the submissions of everyone on our trip, I designed a magazine to raise funds for Omo Child — a non profit that saves the lives of children considered “mingi” who would be otherwise sent to drown in the Omo River. For some of my photos and more information, please have a look at my blog post here. To purchase a copy of the fundraising magazine, please click below : Omo Magazine By CATHERINE FARQUHARSON 68 pages, published 1/22/2015 After travelling to the Omo Valley in Ethiopia, a group of photographers produced this limited edition magazine as a fundraiser to help the non-profit organization OMO CHILD. All proceeds from sales will be donated...