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How BIG do you love?

Posted on Feb 4 by

It’s February, also known as Love Month. Not news to you. I know, I know, Valentine’s Day is now Hallmark Day, and giving flowers is a great thing. But what if it was more?  What if we used it as a way not only to show that we love, but also to show HOW MUCH we love the people in our lives, for real? I’m inviting you to LOVE BIG, here.  Bigger — and also easier…   HERE ARE 2 WAYS TO LOVE BIG… 1. Buy a gift certificate for your Love.  Get him or her a photo session to have your family Documentographed.  My suggestion is to get a Day in the Life shoot, where I come and document your regular life for 5 hours. Included in this shoot : an online gallery + slideshow (= show the in-laws how MUCH you love. Check!)  all the files (= use pics for Christmas cards next year. Check!)  a beautiful Heirloom Album (= show the kids how much they are and were loved as time goes on as they continuously...


Is your wedding photography boring?

Posted on Jan 28 by

I just read this article about the wedding photography industry by Ian Weldon, and how so many photographers just copy each other’s styles and produce “the same shit, over and over again”.  He says that basically, people in the industry tend to love photography, and often let the love of the idea of photography be the driving force, instead of creativity. “It’s easier to become (perceived as) competent with photography these days, no one has to learn how to expose correctly and that’s the first problem. Learning to expose correctly teaches us to see, to anticipate and say something. Snapping away, adding presets, being a part of Awesome photography groups and patting everyone on the back doesn’t. It breeds complacency, a false sense of achievement and mundane middle of the road identical photographs”. Is this you? If you crave knowing what makes you different, and have no idea how to identify that difference, you’re not alone.  In fact, it’s so common that it is the reason I created the “Finding your Frame” workshop. The truth is that the very fact...


Excited about tomorrow!

Posted on Nov 13 by

I’m just doing the final touches on the details for tomorrow’s “Finding your Frame” DocuMentor Workshop.  There are eight amazing women who have signed up, and I am so excited to experience the day with them. The theory behind the workshop is this — People hire you for WHO you are, just as much as for what you sell.  If you can really understand what makes you unique, (and I don’t mean that you like tea and long sunsets), I mean what really matters to you, what drives you, what you aim for, you can then know how to position all of your marketing, products — even how you shoot! — to support the unique value that only you have to offer. So, we are headed on an adventure to look inside and own what we are really about. Stay tuned for more workshops in the New Year!  Shoot me an email ( if you’d like to be put on the “want to know when” list. Check out more info at...


The truth about my November 14 Workshop

Posted on Oct 21 by

I lied. Ok, I didn’t exactly lie, but I wasn’t telling the full truth.  I have been promoting myNovember 14 workshop “Finding your Frame” to be for photographers who are having trouble getting their business to the level that they want.  And for photographers who want to stand out from the crowd.  And it IS for those people!  But.  But.  But.  It’s not going to be a “follow this set of instructions and you’ll reach success” kind of workshop. It’s way more than that. Instead of following the steps of “successful” photographers before you and doing what they did, we are going to delve into your soul and pull out the reason for WHY you do this work.  And from that place, you will identify the best route for you to reach success — while in total alignment with you and your values. I believe that people who choose The Photographer’s Path, do so because they are using photography as a way to explore their experience with the world.  This workshop is designed to help you navigate your business in alignment...


In Print : The UnDiet Cookbook

Posted on Oct 8 by

First day that the UnDiet Cookbook hit the stands this week, it was number one on in ALL BOOKS!  I’m excited by this, but not at all surprised. Read here how incredibly proud I am to have taken the photos of Meghan for this new release.  Sample-see some spreads.  Then go out and buy the book so you can sample-taste from the recipes! Interested in how the heck such an epic book was made?  Meghan gives you a taste on her blog,...


5 tips for better smartphone photography

Posted on Sep 1 by

Smartphones take amazing photos these days.  However, it’s still you that takes the photo, not the camera.  So here are 5 suggestions that can single-handedly change everything about the images you create.  My aim is to have you consistently exclaiming either, “I can’t believe I took this shot with my phone!”, or, “I can’t believe I took this shot!!” Either one, and my job is complete. Without further adieu, I present to you my camera phone photo tips for excellence : 1. Get into position for your photo BEFORE the shot happens. 2. Ask yourself, “What am I taking a photo of?”  and then, “How can I best show that subject?” To get to the second answer, take more than one frame.  (For every final shot I post on Instagram, there are an array of other attempts, taken with different angles, crops and perspectives). 3. Shoot first, crop second.  I learned this tip from a professional Instagrammer.  Turns out, when you use your camera zoom, your file degrades.  To preserve the image quality, take the photo at full frame, then zoom...