I am extremely happy to announce that everyone who was nominated is the WINNER of the FREE PHOTO SHOOT!

(Review : I invited for people to nominate someone they think would enjoy a family photo shoot, and just don’t have the means or resources to pay for one at this time.)

Many nominations came in, most of which were for families struggling with poverty or having to allocate their resources to more pressing issues like health conditions. Very compelling and heart warming nominations.  You tell me how I could possibly choose one family over another!

I refuse! So instead of doing so, I put a call out to my local photography community (Thank You, Facebook!), and these generous and talented people offered to do a family shot of the nominations for free. What does that mean?

It means that everyone who was nominated will win a free shoot!!
Isn’t that incredible?

I was extremely touched by the generosity of this photo community, and am even more excited about this initiative now that others are on board.

I’m in the midst of gathering names and addresses and linking people with photographers in their area.  I will be introducing the winners to their photographers over email.  If you were nominated, stay tuned in your inbox for your match!

Meanwhile, I thank you for your thoughtfulness in nominating those you care about, and your contribution and generosity to this initiative.  Many lives are going to be touched by your inclination to give them this gift.  And it didn’t even cost a dime! How cool is that?

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