I’m just doing the final touches on the details for tomorrow’s “Finding your Frame” DocuMentor Workshop.  There are eight amazing women who have signed up, and I am so excited to experience the day with them.

The theory behind the workshop is this — People hire you for WHO you are, just as much as for what you sell.  If you can really understand what makes you unique, (and I don’t mean that you like tea and long sunsets), I mean what really matters to you, what drives you, what you aim for, you can then know how to position all of your marketing, products — even how you shoot! — to support the unique value that only you have to offer.

So, we are headed on an adventure to look inside and own what we are really about.

Stay tuned for more workshops in the New Year!  Shoot me an email (Catherine@documentographer.com) if you’d like to be put on the “want to know when” list.

Check out more info at Documentor.Coach

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