I love repeat clients.  I especially love repeat clients that are making a real difference in the world, and I get to be a part of that (by proxy).  For that reason, I am honoured every time I am hired to photograph the feature shoot for the The Canadian Women’s Foundation‘s SHE magazine.  I’ve just completed the photos for Issue 6, coming out in the Winter.  (See past issues, here).

Most recently, the Spring Issue 5 publication came out.  We sure had fun doing this shoot!!!  Elizabeth Correira, the amazing woman featured in this issue, managed to change her life around in the most inspiring way.  She now public speaks about her story, and helps other women to take hold of their lives like she did.  She’s truly incredible, I recommend you read her story.


As you can likely see, she’s vivacious and full of energy.  We had a blast taking these photos.  Here are some out takes, below.

ElizabethCorreira-102 ElizabethCorreira-37  ElizabethCorreira-76 ElizabethCorreira-125 ElizabethCorreira-158 ElizabethCorreira-168

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