Am I ever happy to be a mosquito right now!  Designer, Business Coach and wisest woman Lisa Borden has the following motto, which I love:

If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a room with a mosquito.- African Proverb”

To highlight people’s work for others, Lisa interviews “Mosquitos” on her website to help people get the inside scoop behind the professions of others. I’m very proud to be a mosquito on her site.

Here is a link to our full interview.

This is an excerpt :

Should you use the same picture on all social media platforms?

There is no need to use the same photo across all social media platforms. As people, we are multi-dimensional, and the whole point of having photos on social media is to showcase your humanity — changing up your photos can be advantageous in this. That said, I think the strongest approach is to have all the photos be consistent in brand representation. When I do shoots, we plan to have a variety of photos that the client can use for different social media platforms. They look different from each other, but always align with the overall look and feel that they want to communicate about themselves. Then they can keep their photos fresh by changing them up freely, and appropriately choosing between sites like Linked in (more formal shots) with Facebook (less formal), while also staying professional and consistent. (We agree! Know your platform and audience so you can choose the right shot.)

Lisa hates having her photo taken. Was it difficult to shoot her?

Hardest thing I have ever done. Phew, glad THAT’s over!!

Nah, just kidding.  I actually work with people that regularly “hate having their photo taken”, or consider themselves to be “unphotogenic”.  So, Lisa wasn’t different than my regular clientele that way. It was a pleasure to shoot her.  Even though she “hates it”, she still dedicated the time to doing it, and allowed it to be the experience she wanted.  Because of that, it was easy for me to do my job the way I like to do it, which includes different outfits, different locations and “looks”, and a lot of great conversations and laughs.It was a joy on my end!


It’s true.  I have had the pleasure of photographing this Lead Mosquito. Here’s the link to our fabulous photo shoot. You can see a range of how Lisa used her photos from this shoot across her social media :

Facebook :


Twitter :


About Me :


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