You know when you take a mental snapshot, wishing it was being captured by a hidden camera? Or that you could freeze time forever? Those are the moments I am coming to your house to capture. The longer I am around, the less you notice me + the camera, allowing the real moments to come bubbling up. I’ll capture you playing together, the laughing, the crying, the meltdowns, the boo-boos, the snuggling, the cooking, the cleaning, the time outs. All of it. I’ll capture moments you didn’t realize I saw, and moments you didn’t realize happened.

This is your life. It is beautiful, and full, and rich, and fleeting. I will be there to help slow it down, so you can drink it in over time.

Documentography Family Sessions have always had this approach, as I always aim to get the most authentic photos.  With these Day In Your Life Sessions, I stay with you longer, so more of your real life is documented, instead of creating something specific for the photo shoot.  A day in the life of your family is documented over 5 hours.

For an example of a Day In Your Life Session, have a look at The Zifkin Family. There is a slideshow at the bottom, so you can really see the magic that comes forward over this time together.

It is time to make photo sessions really matter.  Let’s move beyond the set ups and the stages and share the real.  Everyone knows there is nothing better than the real.

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