I just read this article about the wedding photography industry by Ian Weldon, and how so many photographers just copy each other’s styles and produce “the same shit, over and over again”.  He says that basically, people in the industry tend to love photography, and often let the love of the idea of photography be the driving force, instead of creativity.

“It’s easier to become (perceived as) competent with photography these days, no one has to learn how to expose correctly and that’s the first problem. Learning to expose correctly teaches us to see, to anticipate and say something. Snapping away, adding presets, being a part of Awesome photography groups and patting everyone on the back doesn’t. It breeds complacency, a false sense of achievement and mundane middle of the road identical photographs”.

Is this you?

If you crave knowing what makes you different, and have no idea how to identify that difference, you’re not alone.  In fact, it’s so common that it is the reason I created the “Finding your Frame” workshop.

The truth is that the very fact that you are different from other people, means by definition you are a different photographer.  The trick is to understand WHY and HOW, and to shoot in such a way that supports your uniqueness.

I will help you do that.  Come to the workshop on Feb 28 and uncover your unique photo voice.  It is part of the creative process that will bring greater meaning to your work — both for you and for your clients.

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