Yesterday, Nutritionista Meghan Telpner published a fun episode of MeghanTV with me giving food photography tips.  The response has been wonderful, with people eager to improve their photos.  These are my favourite kind of people.

I want to do something for these favourite kinds of people, and knowing that your creativity is bursting at the seams with the arrival of Spring, I want to help you dust off your camera and get out there again.

In case you are thinking, “But how the heck do you use this thing again?”, let’s go back to the basics.  Not the techie “Manual that you never read” kind of basics, but the How to See and create beautiful images, kind of basics.  Basics of composition.  Basics of what to look for when you are taking a beautiful photo. Basics of beauty.

It’s time to re-meet your camera, and have a Spring fling.

When : Sunday June 29, 2014.  11am-5pm.  Lunch will be provided.

Where : My beautiful new studio, steps away from Wychwood Barns (which we will be taking steps towards in the afternoon).

What to expect : A morning of re-aquainting yourselves with your cameras and the love of photography.  Expect to be able to answer the following questions by the end of the day… What makes a good photo, and why? What should you be considering when preparing for a photo?  How can I improve my images?

Lunch will be followed by an afternoon with some assignments based on our conversations in the morning.  I will have learnt about where you are needing the most support, and give you an afternoon assignment to support that weak link. (“What? I have to actually TAKE photos at the workshop?” Yes!  And you will like it.)  Your favourite photos taken will be reviewed at the end of the day, and you will leave having fallen back in love with your camera and images.

What to bring : Your DSLR + lenses, your laptop if you have one, an open mind.

Who : Don’t be shy.  This workshop is open to beginners of all levels who feel the itch to use their camera and improve what comes out when they do so!  To be sure you get the most out of the day, this workshop is capped at 7 participants.

Investment : $299 + HST.  10% discount to those who sign up with a friend, or to those who sign up by April 30!

How to register : Email

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