It is delightful for me to know that I could have even a WEE effect of an improvement of food photography photos out there!  Today The Huffington Post shares Meghan Telpner’s MeghanTV episode with my food photography tips.

There are three simple rules that will change your approach…

  1. Pause a sec before taking a photo and ask yourself, “What exactly am I taking a picture of?  What is my subject?”
  2. How can I best showcase my subject?
  3. Simplify

To see these rules applied to food photography, have a look at the Huffington Post article — CLICK HERE
Or watch the video yourself, here :

To see more of the Nutritionista’s MeghanTV, CLICK HERE.

There are lots of keen foodies out there sharing their pics on Instagram + FB.  Join the party!!!  Just tag #MeghanTV and me @documentographer

Thanks Huffington Post for helping to get the word out!!

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