In my opinion, Cuba is one of the greatest countries on Earth to travel to.  It has everything that an adventurer could want — fabulous people, intoxicating beauty, infectious music, perfectly delightful weather and a fascinating history.  For the photographer, it is Paradise.

One of my favourite things about taking photos in the place is how much diversity there is in the country, and how much charm there is in the details.  I decided, as a side project for myself on my most recent trip in March, to try to illustrate some special details about the country and its people in a new way.  Instead of looking at the big picture, I zeroed in on one of life’s greatest story-telling elements : The Hands.  My hope was that I could show my feelings and observations about Cuba and its people through this one element.

I have to say, it was a lot of fun sifting through the photos when I got home, and seeing what the images looked like together as a collection.  It was satisfying in a whole new way.

Travel Photography Tip :

If you are going to a place to take photos, try creating a theme to work with all the way through.  Other examples might be a certain colour or pattern, or something less literal, like wind or shadows.  Thematically shooting can help you take photos that you might not otherwise notice, and also creates a nice thread line through your photos when you get home.  It’s a great way to help you move away from Snapshots that document a place, to Travel Photography where you create your own images and what you want to say about a place.


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