I actually met seven year old Ben on the fourth day of his life.  Since then, I secretly waited for the opportunity to photograph him.  Since that first meeting, (which he doesn’t remember for some strange reason!), his wonderful brother Aiden was born and is now three. Yet, despite the time passing, their parents Hanna + Hillel don’t appear to have aged a day since their first son was born.  With all of their energy, how is that even possible?  Is having two boys really the anti-aging elixir?

It’s actually a reasonable theory, it turns out!  These two boys are every parent’s reason for having two kids — they love each other like crazy.  They were laughing hysterically together for this entire shoot. It was complete mayhem — and complete fun.  And that’s what they say the recipe for youth is — having fun.

All I know for sure is that this photo shoot was worth waiting seven years for.  What a pure delight this family is.

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