I will come out and say it:  This shoot is two years old.  Two!  I have this (unhelpful!) tendency sometimes to hoard my favourite shoots.  I want to save it to blog, and then I get busy, and I forget to make it happen.

And this week when I was rebooked to photograph this family again this summer, I realized it was time to share these images that I love so much.  I figure, images are timeless, so there is no reason they can’t be enjoyed now.  In fact, maybe they’ll be enjoyed even more, because all the children have changed so much.

When I say “all the children”, I really mean it.  Four sisters, and a boy cousin (and boy in the belly cousin).  Can you even imagine how much fun this was for me?

I have photographed this special family for ten years now.  They are a favourite family, and I am so happy to share these photos — no matter how long it took me.

Looking very forward to this year’s shoot at the farm in Creemore again.  I’ll be sure to post them in 2016.  That’s my promise!

LazierFarm-4 LazierFarm-7 LazierFarm-28 LazierFarm-33 LazierFarm-52 LazierFarm-135 LazierFarm-171 LazierFarm-172 LazierFarm-189 LazierFarm-209 copy LazierFarm-225 LazierFarm-257 LazierFarm-260 LazierFarm-279 LazierFarm-291 LazierFarm-347 LazierFarm-377 LazierFarm-395

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