So when I met Kit + Lee about their wedding, Kit was wearing sweatpants, her hair wildly tied back in a loose bun.  It was possible she had just come from the gym, hard to say.  Regardless, I loved her + Lee instantly. You can imagine my surprise, however, when I arrived at our engagement shoot, and she looked like THIS knockout!!!  Mind blowing beauty. We had fun laughing about that transformation.

But that wasn’t even my favourite part.  My favourite part has been the connection between Kit + Lee — which has been there throughout.  These two have something I rarely see.  It’s a connection and deep appreciation for each other in the quirkiest of ways.  It’s uniquely theirs, making them ideally matched.  They love talking with each other, making obscure jokes that really only they understand.  That’s what you get when you mix a Food Scientist who makes Bolognese sauce out of insects with an Art Historian!

It was incredibly enlivening to be around, as their clear appreciation for the other is boundless.  I too, was smitten.  Even though I think I only understood a mere fraction of their references!

We started the shoot at their favourite local, The Grapefruit Moon.  Then we headed toward a park near their apartment, and stopped in their backyard along the way.  It was perfect.  And so much fun.

KitLeeEngaged-62KitLeeEngaged-151Untitled-1Untitled-2 Untitled-3Untitled-6 Untitled-5 KitLeeEngaged-200 KitLeeEngaged-196 KitLeeEngaged-195

If this was how fun and romantic their engagement shoot was, I am counting down the days to their wedding day!!!

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