It’s simple.  Eat a rainbow!  This is what Janet Nezon, together with Hope Paterson, are committed to teaching people with Rainbow Plate.  Through their food education program, they teach kids how to enjoy their food in a whole new way — feel the textures, smell it, listen to it, and of course, look at it. As their photographer recently, I was privy to seeing the impact of one of these workshops, and I just loved how much the kids were seeing the beauty in fruits and vegetables, and coming away with an important yet easy concept : Did I eat my rainbow today?

I came away asking that same question, and also loving the Rainbow Plate initiative, and am very excited to have taken photos to help move their brand forward.  Keep an eye on their site as you’ll see the new photos pop up there in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, please enjoy this teaser of some of my favourite shots.

These two are as sunny and wonderful as they look.  You can’t help but walk feeling like the pot of gold at the other end of the rainbow.

Thank you, Janet + Hope!  And thank you for the kind words that you shared from our experience together.

Here is what Janet wrote after our shoot :

A year ago, if anyone had told me I would be lying on the floor, surrounded by a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, and being photographed by you I would told them that they were crazy. And yet, today that’s exactly what happened!!! I’m still pinching myself. 

I can’t tell you how blown away I am by what we accomplished today. It was ambitious, but you made it happen.  Thank you for your incredible energy, enthusiasm and creative spirit. You made me feel at ease and you allowed me to relax and be myself in front of the camera. I absolutely love the way you envisioned and captured all the big and small moments in the workshop, our personal photo session and the crazy time this afternoon with the kids. Thank you from the bottom of my colourful heart!

And here is what she wrote after receiving her photos :

OMG you are amazing!!!!!!!! I can’t believe how wonderful the pictures are. I just got in from a day of back-to-back workshops and ran to open the file and look at them on my computer.

You’ve done such an incredible job capturing the essence and spirit of what we do. I’ve just been sitting here grinning while I look at them. You’ve given us an incredible bank of images to use in multiple ways – this will have such a positive impact on our organization as we move forward.

The feeling was mutual.  It was such a pleasure to receive these notes, thank you Janet + Hope, thank you.

ps– Beauty-enhancing yet natural makeup, exquisitely done by Maureen Greenstein.

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