One of the things I love most about my job, is that I get to be around all different kinds of  people, and different kinds of love. I enjoy this, because I get to witness first hand how things work between different couples, and how different combinations produce different qualities. And I have to say, I love what I learned from being around Katie + Dan.

As a quiet, confident and strong couple, they seemed to relish in the realness of thier connection, while maintaining delight together within their modesty. It’s not a love for show, although they are more than willing to share. It is nothing short of a delight to be around.

I had the great fortune of getting to know Katie +  Dan quite well, because they had their wedding out in Vail with an intimate gathering of 50 of their closest people, and then “married again” at Katie’s cottage in June.  Both celebrations illustrated to me that I am not the only one who relishes in the combination of this couple, as speeches, singing and dancing were off the charts at both events. That only happens with real love.

We did this session together the day before their “second wedding”.

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