Ever wonder what parenting a day in the life of three-year-old twin boys is like?  It just sounds tiring — but is it really?  I wanted to know.  How do Erin + Bob manage?  I was delighted to find out this summer that it is full of much more delight than anything else.

The first time I photographed Erin + Bob’s boys, they were so young, they could barely sit up.  Since then, I have wanted to do a shoot where I could hang out with the family for a while, and really capture the chaos of a single day.

After this session in August, I left feeling like everyone should have a twin.  They are best friends.  They watch each other’s backs, one-up the other’s imagination, and laugh together at their own private jokes.  And they are only three!

I had so much fun with this special crew.  If it is in fact tiring, (which they didn’t let it on to be!), I could see the return on joy way outweighs the energy spent.  These boys are so great, I’m so glad there are two of them.

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