I had the great pleasure of documenting my little friend Kye for the past year.  Together with his parents, we made waffles, played games, went to the zoo, played in High Park, had coffee and even met his new little Brother!

What a year.  It was such a true treat for me to watch his changes — and the family’s changes! — over the year. I couldn’t have asked for a most special experience.

Here is a slideshow of moments.  Have a watch on a computer — it won’t work on a mobile device.

Even though this was the most tremendous year with an incredible ending, it really has been more than a year.  And that’s when things get interesting for me.  You see, I photographed Bart + Emily’s engagement and wedding in 2008.  So this “year” has been a long time coming, and a lot of celebrating along the way.

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Dear Bart + Emily, I couldn’t be happier to celebrate all that has happened in your life.  You two — and now your two sons — are a complete delight. xoxo


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