Working with Lisa was a great example of collaboration at its best. She contacted me for portraits for her website. Some might think its as easy as a phone call and off you go. But the Documentographer Experience is not quite like that, although it may appear to be so.

These photos, which we both love, were born from extensive and exciting conversation around Lisa’s brand, what she wanted the images to say, and precisely how and where they were going to used. After that was hashed out, we could have fun with her outfits, her hair and make up, (thank you Maureen Greenstein!) and location.

The product is a range of photos I am really proud of, and that Lisa uses on her site, all her social media and her newsletter. We are both delighted, and feel they show the vivaciousness of her exuberant personality.

Check out her wonderful site, and how the range of photos were used.

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