I first heard about Lisa Borden when I watched my friend’s business explode. It was growing and expanding with excitement and velocity that I couldn’t fathom. Over lunch one day, I asked her what was going on, and how was it possible that her business was doing so well, so quickly. “Lisa Borden,” she said. “It’s all Lisa Borden.”

The next day I called her. And now I can’t remember life, or business, without her.

Lisa is not for the faint of heart. She’s a “tell it like it is” lady. You don’t pay her to puff up your ego. But if you want your business to change, to grow, to expand in new and unconventional ways, you call Lisa Borden. You just do. Well, I do.

When she called me to update her photos for her social media, I was delighted by the challenge, and also slightly terrified that she’d “tell it like it is” too much for me to handle. The prospect of her hating the experience was paralyzing. But I like facing these fears more than I like cowering to them. So, we booked.

And you know what? Having her on the other side of the lens was not only easy (she’s charming and beautiful), but it was also great as she shared the Client Experience back for me, each step of the way.

When I see Lisa’s pics on twitter and Facebook, I feel a sense of delight and pride. I feel grateful to have had a small way to give back to the woman who continues to change my life.

(And mark my words, if Lisa reads this post, I’m sure to hear in minutes about how I can make it better. Bring it, Lisa!)

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