Love at First Sight is alive and well.

I’m a believer in love at first sight.  It’s how I felt when I met Marianne + Luke.  An instant connection. We just “clicked”, you know? And I just knew, we were a match made in Heaven.

Actually, it was their match that made my love vibes flow.  I loved how down to earth they seemed, and how clearly in love they were. I thought the sound of their farm wedding with a ceremony in the forest, and just 80 guests, couldn’t be more perfect.  Turns out, everything that I first thought, has turned out to be true.

I don’t even need to explain it to you, you’ll see for yourself in this WEDDING SLIDESHOW.  You’ll be in love instantly.

BEFORE YOU WATCH!  Please note that A) This can only be watched on a computer.  No mobile devices.  B) Press PAUSE after you press play, to let the slideshow LOAD.  Otherwise, you’ll get frustrated at the buffering, and your love-vibes will be compromised.

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