Am I ever glad I said Yes!

When Natalie and Mike first contacted me about their February wedding, I was uncertain that I would be in town at the time.  Instead of moving on to another photographer, Natalie decided she would wait to see what I decided to do.  A couple of months later, she checked in again, and I was still unsure.  So she waited.  And when I was still unsure, she decided to keep waiting.

As I thought about my plans and her inquiry, I realized that the opportunity to work with someone like her was too good to pass up. She was so committed to the idea of working with me, she didn’t want to look for anyone else.  It wasn’t just a “photographer” she said she was looking for, it was the Documentographer Experience.  After realizing that, I knew she is exactly the kind of person I like to work with, so I decided to commit.

And what a choice that was!

Working with Natalie + Mike was a dream come true, forever after.  There was so much syncopation and mutual interest, that we created above and beyond what any of us could have expected.

The “Documentographer Experience” unfolded.

It seemed that all of our great chats lead to new, inspiring ideas.  For example, when I heard about Natalie’s two grandmothers, and how special they are to her, and how one was a Holocaust survivor, I felt that there must be some way to incorporate them into our work.  Weddings are about love, and so much of love is about family.  So, when we did the engagement shoot, we also did some visits to the Bubbies, and I recorded some interviews.

From there, the photography turned into a mixed media experience combining photos + audio.

I created this audio slideshow, which I am very proud of, and the family went nutso over.  Here it is, below.  Be sure to watch on a COMPUTER, not a mobile device.  And for the best experience, press pause after play to let it load.  Then press play again.

All this wonderful creating, and it wasn’t even the wedding, yet!

The wedding day was magic too, as we worked together to plan the best location for photos in February (Le Germain Hotel), before heading to the synagogue for the ceremony.

The whole day was so timeless and classy, the photo coverage was filled with beautiful, intimate moments. With this being the case, I proposed that we make their album in black and white images.  Now accustomed to our creative collaborations, Natalie + Mike were immediately on board.

I gave this wonderful couple their wedding album recently, and I have to say, the choice of black and white makes it one of my favourite albums I have made to date.

Here are a few spreads:






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