With Nikki + Victor, it often seems to me that if I blink, I miss something. Life seems to move really fast for these two — more happens for them in a year, than most people experience in a decade. It is an incredible ride to be a part of and witness, especially with my camera.

In September 2012, they got married, and created an incredible celebration that most people would never think was possible. Then, where others would collapse in relief, Nikki looked around and said, “What next? What other dream can I fulfill?” She was puttering around on the internet, saw a commercial listing for a space in Kensington Market, and immediately saw it as her chance to create the Swedish-style coffee shop she’s dreamed of since she was a teenager. That beautiful space is called Fika, and it opened in May of last year.

You see how this goes for these two. Each time they create something from their wildest dreams, an opportunity for the next thing opens.  What could they possibly dream of next? You got it. In June, she told me she was pregnant, and in January, her beautiful daughter was born.

Obviously it was perfect to do her pregnancy shoot in Fika. It represents everything that this couple has : love, commitment, dreams and living life to its fullest.

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