Celebration, the Verb

Every wedding is a celebration.  But Nikki + Victor’s wedding celebration was alive in a way I rarely see. It was a moving, living, breathing thing.  Over the few days that we spent in Nova Scotia, their family + friends were invited to indulge in this celebration action.  It was all because they considered the experience of every person there.

I believe this was made possible because they are both professional hosts — Victor, co-owner and Chef of Splendido restaurant, and Nikki, amazing photographer Nikki Leigh McKean — both professions that require you to read, understand and respond to other people, if you are going to be successful.  But that is not the only reason.  In fact, it might only be the smallest coincidental reason.  The real reason for this astounding celebration, was how loved, and how loving Nikki + Victor are. They are the most genuinely endearing and warm couple, the likes of which people flock to like flies.

I was so honoured and delighted to be in the company of all their guests, and to have become close friends with Nikki + Victor in the lead up to this event.

Now, let’s talk about some of the elements that MADE this celebration!

1. When we arrived, the whole Shobac Cottage property was covered in a thick fog.  We couldn’t see where we were, which made the excitement and suspense all the more exciting!

Nikki + Victor Fog

2. They held a welcome night BBQ, where Victor + his Chef friends set the stage for the extraordinary food we realized we could come to expect over the course of the weekend.  Off. The. Charts.

Nikki + Victor BBQ

3. Then the fog lifted, you see.  And Shobacs and all their animals welcomed us.


4. Then there was the magic of the wedding day itself.  And all the love.  It can’t be bought.

Nikki + Victor Love

5. For the ceremony, Nikki + Victor were strict on the “No Cameras” rule.  Only the official photographers were allowed to have a camera.  This meant that everyone was truly present for the ceremony, and had a face that the couple could see when they looked out.


6. The attention to detail that Nikki put into the reception paid off in spades.  To get your place card, you had to take a photo of yourself with the Polaroid camera.  SUCH a hit.


And while THAT was happening, THIS was happening.  So #7.  Horses.


Meanwhile, back at the barn, #8 — Fresh charcuterie boards with toppings that would make your mouth go wild.
And a cake made out of fine cheeses.
And tea cups that Nikki collected from antique stores, to eat your soup from.
Harvest table in the barn.  Centrepieces of wild flowers.  It goes on!


10. Stunning sunset.

Nikki + VIctor's Sunset

I wish I could say that was all.  But no chance.  Add in AMAZING speeches that had people rolling in the aisles.

Nikki + Victor speeches

11. Oh, and personalized love notes from the couple for every guest. You read that right. Every guest.

Nikki + Victor Love Notes

12.  And then, after it all. The party started. And the tickle trunk came out. And it was a dance floor that rocked the barn all night. The likes of which I have never seen.

Nikki + Victor Party

13.  The next day we went for a walk and brought the wedding dress along. And just in case you thought the magic was for the wedding day only, you would be mistaken. It was like a dream.

Nikki +Victor Oceanside

Here’s what I can say, at the end of the world’s longest blog post. My heart bursts when I think that this wonderful couple got to have this perfect wedding. It actually was, perfect.

Thank you forever, my friends. This was a dream come true for me to just be there, let alone document it.

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