My goal in wedding photography is to capture the real moments of a wedding day.  I want to relay experiences back to my clients in a real and authentic way that represents the way that the day really went. I want to photograph what IS interesting and important, not create something that will SEEM interesting and important.

So wouldn’t you know that the best thing ever, is when someone’s real authentic self is actually as fun as the photos that people usually just dream of for their wedding?  Roz + Dale are a photographer’s dream combination of kookiness, hilarity and love.  So, these photos are documentations of how these two and their friends really are. All I had to do, was show up.  Show up to the vineyard. Show up to the diner. Show up to the bridal party shoot.  And find them a peach orchard! This was a perfect day.

It was also a particularly special day for me, as Roz and I go back to 2008 when I shot Roz and her sister for the Ryerson Review of Journalism.  Then, a year later, we found ourselves climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro together.  I can say from both of these experiences, that Roz is as amazing and fun-loving as she seems, and her wedding followed suit perfectly.

kiliSo it goes without saying that I was especially delighted when she married Dale, the man who adores this wonderful woman.  He is also the man who understands that Roz’s kookiness is not only real, but is actually genetic.  I have proof here, where Dale and Roz replicated her Grandparent’s wedding photo from the late 1930’s. Yes.  In 1930, her grandparents swapped clothes on their wedding day.  So, without hesitation, Roz + Dale did as well.grandma

I love this couple, and I love that Dale married Roz knowing full well that their day — and lives — will be filled with this same adventure.


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