In September 2014, I was fortunate enough to be hired to help Jeremy Woodhouse of Pixelchrome lead a travel photography tour to Ethiopia with Epic Photo Tours.  Epic is an appropriate word, as we travelled with 12 photographers through the Southern Omo Valley and spent most of our time photographing people who live in different tribes in the region.

With Ethiopia being such a far away place where people live so differently to how we do here, people here at home have been asking frequently to see my photos.  But I haven’t really been able to share them so much, as I have been quite distressed by the poverty there, and felt conflicted about our position as photographers going in, taking photos and leaving.

This disconnect lead me to collect beautiful photographs taken by the group, and create a magazine publication to fundraise for an important non-profit organization in the region called Omo Child.  I’m proud to have the publication for sale below, and so very proud to be showcasing such a beautiful collection of images taken by our wonderful group. Please purchase a copy below, and support the lives of “Mingi” children who would otherwise have been killed, if not for the important work of Omo Child.

Now, I feel not only excited about sharing my photos above, as my hope is that it will lead you to this magazine, and to your fingertips as you press “Purchase.”

Ethiopia is such an extraordinary place for so many reasons.  I am so grateful to have been there, and for this opportunity to give back.

Omo Magazine


68 pages, published 1/22/2015

After travelling to the Omo Valley in Ethiopia, a group of photographers produced this limited edition magazine as a fundraiser to help the non-profit organization OMO CHILD. All proceeds from sales will be donated this important Ethiopian charity.


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