Lots of people say they want their wedding to be “different from everybody else’s”, but few people actually make it so.  Perhaps they switch from a cake to a cupcake, or from a summer wedding to a winter one.  When Ratsamy + Garrry told me how they were going to make their wedding different from others, I couldn’t wait to get to Mexico to experience it for myself and document it for them!

Here are just a few ways they made it their own :

1. Ratsamy decided to forgo the white dress that you can only wear once, and to don instead a stunning gown by our local love, Lucian Matis.

2. Instead of the groom waiting at the end of the aisle, it was reversed.  Ratsamy waited at the end of the aisle while Garrry made his way down.

3. But he couldn’t just make his way down by walking.  They decided to follow Ratsamy’s Laos tradition and have him be paraded by the village to his bride.  The “village” in this case was all the wedding guests, and they paraded all around the pool.  We were even lucky enough to have other resort guests follow along and join in the celebratory shenanigans.  Before he could get to her, he had to have his feet cleaned by his nephew, throw back shots with his soon-to-be Father-in-Law, and bribe the bridesmaids.

4. Who wants cocktails after the ceremony, anyway?  Ratsamy + Garry decided to have cocktails before the ceremony, and get the celebration started!

5. Oh, and in addition to a Mariachi band, Garrry surprised Ratsamy with a serenade of the song he proposed to her with.  I mean, could anything be more romantic?

6. And as they really wanted it to be a fun and memorable experience for everyone, they had their wedding at the Azul Fives Resort, in the Mexican Mayan Riviera.  Can’t. Be. Beat.

I like to think I’ll remember every wedding I have ever shot.  But I can say for sure that I know I will remember this one.  I can’t ever forget the beauty of the place, the fun-loving vibe of the guests, the warmth + love of Garrry + Ratsamy, and the care they took to make this wedding an experience.  What a standout memory!!

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