Amy and I used to meet for coffee every year or so, and talk about our businesses.  We would inspire each other, push each other, and always walk away dreaming a little bit bigger.  “One day,” we’d say to each other, “one day we will work together.”

I have to say it was very exciting when that day finally came.  Amy had finished renovating her studio kitchen, had a list of clients and fans, a thriving business called Say-She-Ate, and was ready to take her promotional material to another level through photographs.

Enter, me.  (Excitedly!!) We brainstormed, planned, and just like our coffees, we left dreaming a little bigger.  The photo experience did not disappoint.  Amy’s infectious personality shined through all the pictures, and we worked all the food until it was unquestionably drool-worthy.

Every time that Amy’s newsletter comes into my inbox now, I feel a wave of pride for both of us.  I’m proud of Amy’s growth and success, I’m proud that we persevered to have our dreams met, and I’m proud of how those dreams came together in these photos.

ps — Having recently taken a cooking course of hers too, I’m blown away by her talent. She’s a natural teacher and a damn good cook.

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