It’s March, and I saw my first tulip sprout this afternoon. As soon as I see the earth preparing for Spring, I know it’s time to make sure we are all doing the same.  Even though the warmer days still seem far away — like a far distant dream or fantasy — the truth is we will be feeling that heat once again in no time. (Yay!!)

This realization motivated me to share one of my most favourite photo shoots from 2015.  My “Day in the life” documentation of the Stoddart family at their favourite place — the cottage.

I am not sure there is anything Ontarians care more about than their time at the cottage.  And I’m not sure if there is any better way to coast through the Winter than to have genuine photos of Cottage Life.

My summer is booking up fast, so contact me right away if you want documentation like this, created at your cottage.

And in the meantime, I hope these photos transport you as they do, me.

StoddartSummer2015-459StoddartSummer2015-300 StoddartSummer2015-284 StoddartSummer2015-271 StoddartSummer2015-163 StoddartSummer2015-144StoddartSummer2015-367

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