Imagine you think you are coming to a fancy brunch party with your fiancée, and when you walk in, you see all your favourite people in the world, and your beloved turns to you and says, “Marry me?…Now?”

Imagine it was the wedding of your dreams, and you didn’t even know about it.

Have you even heard of such a thing?

This was how Marnie surprised her fiancée Deanah on Sunday. They walked in, and Deanah was presented with her dream wedding.  Her favourite people, her favourite food, a song played by their favourite musician and friend Jim Cuddy, her Uncle as their Officiant, and the only sunny day of this Spring so far!  It was so beautiful, and so special, that I could hardly hold back my tears all day.  My heart literally burst.

I feel like only Marnie McBean could pull that kind of stunt off.  It really could only be a woman with extreme skill who could do that kind of thing.  The kind of rare woman who is one of two Canadians ever to win three gold medals in the summer Olympics.  You know, the exceptional.

I’ve climbed Kilimanjaro with this woman, I photographed her book cover, and I listened and helped her scheme this wedding plan.  As her friend, I couldn’t be more proud of her in so successfully creating a dream day in honour of her love, and her future.  As a fan of Ms. McBean, I am grateful that she showed us, yet again, “Normal people do incredible things.”

Congratulations Marnie + Deanah!!!  xoxo

ps — Want to hear the tale from Marnie’s own words?  Click on her blog post here.

Marnie + Deanah

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