It doesn’t take much to have a wonderful wedding — two people, really.  And yet, it takes everything.  It takes your whole heart.

To have a winter wedding, it takes a little bit more, sometimes.  It takes your whole heart, and some forethought.  You can’t just choose a venue that has some great outdoor photo options, as the January cold will likely be too much to handle. But Susan + Matt had it all.  First and foremost, they had an inspiring, authentic connection.  They are nothing but warm sunshine to be around.

Secondly, they had a fabulous venue for a January wedding — The Thompson Hotel.  We were lucky enough to go outside for some photos, but the venue was so fabulous, and so full of photo possibilities with great light, it wouldn’t have mattered much if we had to just stay inside.

This day was a pleasure through and through.  I’ll take weddings at any time of year, if they are experiences like this one.

Here are some photos of the wonderful bride and groom, and their loved ones.

Makeup : Maureen Greenstein
Hair : Monique Bisson
Venue : Thompson Hotel Toronto
Florist : Cool Green and Shady

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