Every wedding is a momentous occasion in at least two peoples’ eyes.  Occasionally, a wedding is an additionally momentous occasion in History’s eyes. Such was the case for Alex + Dan’s wedding, which was in fact the second same sex Jewish Orthodox wedding performed in Canada.

I feel extraordinarily lucky and privileged to have been there.  In fact, even if it wasn’t a wedding that sets a precedent for Orthodox same sex couples to follow, I would still feel as lucky.  Truthfully, these two and their families were some of the most genuine, lovely, intelligent, thoughtful and well-mannered people I have ever come upon.  The fact that these two found each other (whilst living across the globe from each other no less), is amazing.  And the fact that they also found an intellectual match with families that share the same values and religion, was nothing short of a miracle.

This wedding was a day to be celebrated like no other.  And if ever there was a celebration to pave the way for others to follow, this was it.

My biggest Congratulations to you Alex + Dan.  Thank you for affecting my life by following your heart, and the life of so many others, in a million unknown ways!

ps — If you are like me, and you can’t get enough of these two, have a look at their engagement photos. *sigh*  *swoon*


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