My patience amazes even me sometimes.  Like a bride eagerly waiting for her wedding day to arrive, I have  been sitting on the tip of my seat since June for February to arrive.  Finally, I can show you the photos I took for The Wedding Co.!!

Why now?  Well, they’ve been slowly rolling out the pics in promotion of the upcoming Wedding Co. bridal show (click here to see some of the ways they used them).

I am sharing them now specifically so you have enough time to get your ticket to go to the show!  (If you haven’t already). It’s February 21, 2016, and not to be missed!

As you can imagine, it was was incredibly fun to make these images with the creative collaboration involved.

Look at the magic team I got to work with :
Hair + Makeup : Nicole Graftner/Hair by Nicole
Location : The Wychwood Barns
Model : Kristina Ruddick / Kirstina Ruddick
Accessories/Styling : Antonia Akai-Casuccio/ The Loved One
Flowers : Fiona/Stemz
Vision — of course! : Catherine Lash/The Wedding Co.

I am proud to have been the photographer for this project, I loved every second of it!!!

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