When Shelly started to tear up when I showed her + Ben the photos from our Day In Your Life Session together, I gave myself a secret high five. They told me it’s not easy to make her cry. And that the photos exceeded their expectations.

It’s no real surprise that they surpassed their expectations, though — to them, our shoot was just normal life. I think they expected to see a “normal” rendition of themselves. But the truth is, when you see your “normal life” illustrated as the unique and wonderful world that it really is, you can’t help but choke up. Because your normal is really quite fabulous. With sessions like this, you see how hard you work, how physical your job is, what characters your kids are, and that you aren’t the only one that notices how adorable it is that your child sticks his tongue out when he concentrates.

I am in awe of what amazing parents Shelly + Ben are. How patient, loving and hilarious they are. And I was chomping at the bit to share with them through their photos, how enamoured I was with their children.

Have a look at their slideshow below, and enjoy the range of emotions that is experienced in a beautiful and “normal life.”

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