Bald Head Island in North Carolina is a magical place, I previously thought was only found in photographers’ dreams. But it is not. Like most dreams, it is also real.

Let me paint a picture for you. You get there by barge, and find yourself on a quaint island where everyone smiles and drives around in golf carts. As soon as you dock, you know there is something special going on here… but you could never imagine this…

Firstly, you can find the ocean waves rolling up to the soft sand of the un manicured beach. And that would be delightful if that was all that there was. But just off the beach runs the main road, which leads the golf carters down windy paths through the jungle. The trees all arch and dangle over the road, and I found it near impossible to not drive with my mouth agape — I’m pretty sure I saw my camera salivating too.

If you continue on the sidelines, you’d find yourself in marches where rare turtles and crocodiles convene, or in forests that Lord of the Rings must be filmed in.

I am telling you, this was a photographer’s paradise so great, it felt impossible to me that our only day of shooting could be the wedding day, when time was tight.

Luckily, Zoe and Ian felt the same way about making the most of being together on this special island, and we had a great time shooting our engagement shoot before their rehearsal dinner.  It was hard, but I managed to zone in with my creative overload, and we took some shots that just got me all the more excited for the next day’s adventure….

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