Stephanie and Ronan did a lot of things right when making decisions for their destination wedding in Curacao.  They picked a beautiful location, a great time of year, and a wonderful hotel.  But the decision that I think they made the best, was taking the risk and taking the chance to have an EPIC location for their “first look”.  Most people play it safe, and choose the easiest location.  Almost everyone chooses a location on the resort property.  There is nothing wrong with that.  What I like about what Stephanie + Ronan did, was that they put some thought into how they could best use the fact that they were having a destination wedding in a beautiful country.  For them, that best use meant having their reveal at the National Park.

Not only did it mean we got insanely dramatic and gorgeous photos with the waves crashing in, it also meant they had such a memorable experience for their photos — it was so beautiful, so windy, and with such dramatic landscape, none of us will ever forget it. What it also meant was that their wedding day was not just the step by step rules of “how to have a wedding”, but instead, self-designed to suit them, and get the best photos imaginable while they were at it.

They would definitely agree that it was worth the extra effort.  And certainly worth giving some considerable thought.

In your ideal world, how would you want to experience your first look?  And how would you like the photos to be?  Start dreaming there, and see what creative answers unfold…

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